Our contributors

"People with passion can change the world"

Our passion

PhD Fitness is built on the idea that it is science, not secrets, that should be used to make informed, timely choices in life. 

We believe in the capacity of informed people to master their own faiths, and we provide validated tools to help turn science into actions.

From day one, PhD Fitness has benefited from the exceptional qualities of our contributors, such as kindness and compassion, honesty and hard work, curiosity and creativity, plus a great sense of humour. 

Employee #1

Tao You, PhD

Founder (since Jul 2015)

Tao is an experienced modeller from the pharmaceutical industry. He is passionate about turning science and clinical knowledge into actions. Tao created PhD Fitness based on >500 publications.


Employee #2

Tang Tang, PhD

Design advisor (since Jan 2017)

Tang is an expert in design for behaviour change at the University of Leeds. She is passionate about creating meaningful design solutions for better health. Tang contributes to the digital design.


Employee #3

Doug Mills

Software (since Jun 2017)

Doug is a guru in web-based software engineering and has delivered many commercial grade products. Doug contributed to the design and development of PhD Fitness.


Employee #4

Alan Stewart, MD

Medical advisor (since Dec 2016)

Alan is a renowned expert in nutrition and homeopathy. He was a founding member of the British Society for Nutritional Medicine. During the 1980s and 90s he authored and co-authored many popular books on nutrition. Alan shared his unique nutritional imbalance questionnaire, which is now incorporated into PhD Fitness.


Employee #3

Shan-yu Wang

Designer (active Nov 2017-Aug 2018)

Shan-yu is an ingenious designer with experience in graphic design. She is passionate about inspiring people with meaningful data visualisation. Shan-yu completed her MSc thesis on infographics design for PhD Fitness with Dr. Tang at the University of Leeds, where she surveyed nearly 500 users on motivation, requirement and experience. These studies confirmed our previous design research discoveries, evaluated user behaviour and experience and improved the functionality of PhD Fitness.


Employee #4

Chen Zheng

Designer (active Aug-Nov 2017)

Chen completed her MSc in digital design at the University of Leeds. She is passionate about the right digital design that solves real customer challenges. Chen completed monumental amount of design work during her short period at Beyond. She performed comprehensive competitor analysis, assessed brand personality, formulated hypotheses for feature requirements, analysed customer segments with online survey and customer interview, provided graphics design and product specifications.